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The Struggle

Hold me close
don't let me go
make the world disappear

Don't look
don't touch
understand, you don't know me

Envelope me
hide me away
make the world disappear

Don't care
don't hug
you aren't what I need

Talk to me
show you care
I need your love to survive

Don't work
don't try
it wasn't meant to be

Touch my skin
hold my hand
I need you in my life

Don't talk
don't ask
I'm not yours to love

Give me kisses
give me hugs
I need to feel the closeness

Don't call
don't share
you have to go away

Accept me
love me
Understand who I am

Don't get close
don't pass by
I'm a different person now

Share your soul
bare your heart
our paths were meant to meet

Run away
just disappear
forget we ever existed

Just say, "I love you..."

--- May 12,1999