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Is It Possible

Is it possible to turn back the clocks
To forget of mistakes past
To let go of the animocity we shared
Is it possible to renew a friendship
A relationship lost to the hands of fate
Two stubborn people unwilling to open their eyes
To see where the other was coming from
Could I possibly forget everything you did
Completely let it go
Let go of the shit that's contaminated my soul
Destroyed the person I used to be
Could two completely different people start again
Change is, by nature, inevitable
We makes you think we'd still connect
How could it be possible after two years
Two whole years filled with heartache
I've already let you go
Have you done the same
Why did you reach out
Try to touch me with unfamiliar hands
How could I possibly forgive, possibly forget
Try to forget the unbearable pain
That whirling, swirling ball of anxiety tearing through me
Through my entire being, engulfing my heart and soul
We never fixed what we did in the past
What makes you think we can do it now?

July 13,2001